Rowan Timeless Cocoon

Product image 1Rowan Timeless Cocoon Front Cover
Product image 2Rowan Timeless Cocoon Kukiko
Product image 3Rowan Timeless Cocoon Nevada
Product image 4Rowan Timeless Cocoon Yepa
Product image 5Rowan Timeless Cocoon Kay
Product image 6Rowan Timeless Cocoon Nevada
Product image 7Rowan Timeless Cocoon Nieve
Product image 8Rowan Timeless Cocoon Snowy
Product image 9Rowan Timeless Cocoon

Regular price £6.95

Rowan Timeless Cocoon is a great little book of 6 designs which retails at £6.95 “a really good buy”, Lisa Richardson, Sarah Hatton, Georgia Farrell and Brandon Mably have worked on this book using Cocoon which is a a super soft blend of 80% wool and 20% mohair knitted on mostly 7mm, this collection features designs for women some really nice additions for your wardrobe.
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