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Mindless Mindfulness 

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My daily commute was 1hr 30 minutes each way from Norton Canes to Droitwich. If you’ve had the pleasure of tackling the M6 and M5 or even just one of them every day, you’ll know my pain (pause for sympathy). After 18 months of this driving commute I was getting increasingly frustrated by other drivers, traffic and the effect it was having on my bank balance.

Now let’s rewind to a Sunday evening, late January. I’d just finished up Sunday lunch with the in-laws, washed down with a slew of my signature cocktails, Espresso Martini (Click the link go-to recipe)

 Being the impractical person that I am, I nagged my partner to go for an ‘intoxicated’ walk around the Chasewater Country Park. After further badgering, it was finally agreed.


After walking for 45 minutes, we decided to turn back and head home but as we got to around 200m from our front door, I take the wrong footing and hit the deck. So off to A&E I go. A short while later I arrive home with my foot in a cast and a walking stick in hand. Initially, I was clueless as to how I’d get to work: the cast would be removed in 4 weeks and in that time I couldn't drive. My only option was to take the train. In the past, trains and I haven’t really got along that well because, well, they don’t wait around. We’re now nearing the end or March and I’m sat on a train writing this. My foot is out of plaster and my car’s at the station. I'm officially a proper commuter.


I now have 3 hours each day where I can choose to sit quietly, read, do a bit of work, chat to my new ‘train friends’, or knit of course. No traffic jams, no road works, no aggressive drivers. My time. I’m my own boss and sometimes find it hard to motivate myself. I’m sure many people could relate and taking this train has made me realise how important it is to make time for yourself. I'm knitting more than ever and now I’m writing! It’s funny because if you told December 2018 me that I’d be writing a blog, he’d laughed you out of town. GCSE English wasn’t a high point for me.

The main benefit of this train commute though is the opportunity to knit. Some will agree and some will not but knitting makes me feel calm. Maybe it’s the repetition and rhythm of the needles? Yes it can be difficult and frustrating at times but that’s normally when I’m “knitting tired” or when I’ve had that glass of wine too many. I'm a huge believer that It’s okay to have more than one project on the go at one time. I like to have something complex to get my teeth stuck into and then something quite simple to take my mind off things. On the other hand many knitters I know are very strict and don’t start another project until they’ve finished what’s on their needles, either way I’m just happy you’re knitting!

Sam the male knitter knitting

For a while now I've been toying with the idea of casting on a large throw as my simple project. My partner often complains that I never knit anything for us. So this will be the “something for us”, for our sofa. Nothing too complicated, maybe just a simple moss stitch throw. Of course, it’ll have to be knitted in my favourite yarn “Rowan Felted Tweed”... maybe I could incorporate some colour work into it as felted tweed just lends itself to colour work. Suggestions welcome!

This will be my mindless mindfulness throw.



Rowan Felted Tweed 

A beautiful blend of 50% merino wool, 25% alpaca and 25% viscose, Felted Tweed yarn has a lovely tweed effect. It has a rustic colour palette. A firm favourite with customers.
*N.B. This is a lightly pre-felted yarn. Please follow care instructions, as the yarn may felt further if washed incorrectly.

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  • Sam how eloquent this blog is I love it well done. I have done two throws in Hayfield Aran Tweed and am currently doing a throw in moss stitch for my new grandchild and it is very effective. Good luck with your project your commute and this blog x


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